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san diego locksmith
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9am to 5pm weekdays.
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Closed Sundays.
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888-Let-SDLS (888-538-7357)
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(*After Hours, Sunday, or Holiday Service is strictly based on Tech Availability - Higher Rates May Apply)
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Quote or Service Request
Government, Automotive, Safes and more.
Also Home Services - Rekeys, Repairs, Installations and Reinstallations and more...
Safe & Vault Services

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As the listing below the quote form is nowhere near a complete listing of our services, please feel free to call for details on services not outlined below the quote form, or fill in the quote form below.  We'll get back to you as quickly as we can, and be happy to answer any questions.

*** Please note that ALL of the form answers with a "*" next to it MUST be filled in, generally one per category, in order to e-mail the form.  Thanks so much, we greatly look forward to hearing from you. :)


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 Access Control
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 Safes, all types
 X-09 / X-08 / X-07 / LKM7000
 Pushbutton Locks
 Access Control / Card Access
 Panic Hardware

 Safe Services
 Commercial Locksmith Services
 Military / GSA Locksmith Services
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*Please describe the work you'd like to have done, or feel free to simply ask a general question.

If you are requesting a Quote, please include pertinent details, such as serial/item type numbers and names, number of items, or other info you feel important, etc.

ANY web link or URL of any kind included in the "Comments" section of this form will cause the form to be discarded on send, WITHOUT being seen by a human.  We apologize sincerely, but the sheer volume of comment spam forces our hand.
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***Lock Bumping / Bump Keys***

While it's not nearly as scary as the news makes it out to be, it is starting to crop up a bit more often (although still very rare) partially due to the media trumpeting it and hyping it as a "serious risk."  Any of you with teens know that the more you tell them something is bad for them, or not to do it, the more fascinating it becomes.  Works the same way for "bad guys".  Thus, unfortunately, interest is growing in it, simply because it's forbidden. :)

If you're concerned about bumping, need to ask some questions, or just need a locksmith to come by and evaluate your existing locks, please give a call or e-mail us anytime.  There are many, many things you can do to feel secure in your own home or business, and these things don't necessarily include the need to purchase the most expensive locks on the market.  You have many options.  Keep in mind that the locks you have on your home are only as secure as the environment around them.  Call us, we can re-pin your existing locks with special pins to make bumping very difficult, we can let you know if the locks you have are already adequate, we can help you to upgrade your locks, if this is really what you'd like to do, etc.  We're here for you.

For additional information on this subject, as well as information that can help secure your home & business, without having to spend a fortune, please see our blog posts regarding Bump Keys / Lock Bumping here.


Below you'll find a not-anywhere-near complete listing of some of the services our experienced, cheerful, and professional technicians can provide for you.  If you don't see a service you require, no worries...

For Current General Service Rates, please click here, or use the menu button above.

Please feel free to call us at your leisure, or fill out our short quote form located below, to inquire how we can help you with your locksmithing needs.

  • Kaba-Mas Certified in Government issue, High security Black Label, Red Label, etc., Kaba-Mas X-07 (X07), X-08 (X08), X-09 (X09), CD-X09 (CDX09) safes, container locks, and door locks.
  • Ford Focus Ignitions replaced (A Specialty!).
  • Specialists in damage free unlocks, for 20 years - We don't drill 'em out, we don't need to™ - Click here to see our guarantee!.
  • All Safes serviced, opened, and combinations changed.
  • All types of locks opened: Homes, Offices, Detention, Military, Auto.
  • Bank vault work, time devices, safe deposit boxes opened and/or repaired, teller drawers, ATM's.
  • Cars unlocked (Emergency Service dependant upon availability of a tech).
  • Custom Masterkey systems - Large or Small / Residential or Commercial.
  • Detention Hardware Experts.
  • Door closers, panic bars, electrified locking hardware installed.
  • Houses and offices unlocked (Emergency Service dependant upon availability of a tech).
  • On-Call Locksmith Specialists for Property Management Professionals
  • Key Blanks sold (Residential, Automotive, Commercial, Transponder, High Security).
  • Keyless Remotes (Remote Keyless Entry - Automotive & Residential) sold and/or programmed/reprogrammed
  • Locks re-keyed, repaired, replaced, installed, incl.: Card, keypad, push button (pushbutton), mechanical and electronic access control locks, Deadbolt locks, knobset locks, entry grip set locks, cipher locks, and more.
  • Keys fabricated to factory specifications and/or duplicated to residential, commercial, automotive, cabinet, furniture locks, and more.
  • Lost keys originated and replaced for residential and commercial locks.
  • Lost keys originated to foreign and domestic car locks, including high security Transponder keys.
  • On-site visits to prepare quotes for commercial and larger residential jobs scheduled at your convenience, no charge.
  • Specialty re-pinning of existing locks to guard against bumping, installation of keyless (interior only) deadbolts to guard against bumping.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Title III and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.

Master key systems
Our locksmiths custom write, install, catalogue, and maintain Master Key systems for needs ranging from the very small (2 door - Commercial or Residential) to the very large (1,000 doors and up - Commercial, Military, Industrial, Educational, etc.).

Our locksmiths are available for servicing and changing combinations on ALL safes, including; Government standard High Security (Certified kaba-Mas), fire resistant file cabinets & security containers, cash drawers, ATM's, money lockers, wall safes, depository safes, computer data safes, and more.  Our locksmiths also open and repair safes for which combinations have been lost or damaged under any circumstances.

Access Control
We provide complete custom access control to high security areas, from simple push button locks to security card operated and monitored access systems.  We will work with you AND within your budget, never quoting high to cover accidents or to pad the bill.  We will always offer you options that work best for you within the budget you have, and fully explaining the differences in costs and offering you options if there's a function you'd like that does NOT fit into your needs and/or budget.  We don't use high pressure sales, our prices and service speak for themselves. :)  FYI: Most access systems can be tied to your company's mainframe computer and provide you with an audit trail, ask your technician.

We have the specialized programming computers, key cutting equipment, parts/keys, experience, abilities and expertise to handle many domestic and foreign car lock and/or lost key problems.  We can originate, and program you a pair of factory code cut keys using OEM materials, quickly, and professionally.  If we cannot program a specific make and model of vehicle, we have respected, local, licensed locksmiths that we will happily refer you to.

Door Closers
We install Door closers for almost any type of door.  We can usually take care of installation, service, or replacement on a nearly immediate basis, with occasional need to order parts if the model you're using is older or no longer being manufactured.

Security Consultants
We have been in this business for 20 years, and can share the experience we have with you to recommend and suggest changes to any weak links in your home or business security - Many times a quick fix or a simple change is as secure as buying all new hardware, which we try to talk you out of in most cases anyway. :)

We can provide High security, standard residential security (with the option to pin it with an eye to making bumping much more difficult), and decorative lock sets in a wide range of quality, finishes, and colours.  Our locksmiths repair, service, and replace broken parts and springs on all types of lock sets.  They can install, replace, and upgrade lock cylinders, lock sets, and deadbolt locks.  Our technicians are experts at the hand mortising of Baldwin locks, as well as the repair of these very expensive locks.  You'd be surprised at how often a $3 part can make it as new, when other locksmiths may try to talk you into new hardware. :)

We lock rekeying for nearly all residential, commercial, and military locks.  This is suggested whenever you move, and you're uncertain as to who or how many previous tenants have a set of your keys, as well as when there are domestic issues, break-ins, construction work, when keys have been lost, etc.  You do NOT need to purchase all new hardware to secure your home, don't let any locksmith tell (sell) you otherwise.  Rekeying achieves the same end result of a different key for the same door, rendering all old keys useless, at a lower cost than all new hardware.

We stock a vast array of keys in each service vehicle, and can fabricate or duplicate most keys.  Please do not depend solely on your local hardware store... Their selection s not as complete as a locksmith, it is not their main job description, and their machines are often not calibrated well.  We get called out to help people in with a spanking new hardware store key that won't work.  Remember!  Fabricating a key to code is ALWAYS the best way to go, copying a worn key into a new blank just gives you a shinier new worn key. :)

lock bumping
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Safe & Vault Services
27 years of professional education & service.

but not limited to:

Safe & Vault Service
Safe Repair
Safe Openings
Vault Openings & Repairs
Safe Combination Changes
GSA Safe Work & Repair
Military Safe Work & Repair
Kaba Certified X-09 Techs

Bank work, including:
Safe Deposit Boxes (All)
Open Safe Deposit Boxes
Repair Locks
Replace Locks
Copy Keys
Box Rotations
Escheatment Drilling
Branch Maintenance
and more...
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Why Should I Demand
a Licensed Locksmith?
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CCR Registered

CA Lic. LCO 3905
(Bonded, & Insured)

DUNS #154228071

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Payment Types
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Credit / Debit Cards
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Home & Business Rekeying, and Standard Locksmith Services Provided
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Privacy Policy
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San Diego Lock & Safe™ - A BBB Accredited Business & Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability ProgramSan Diego Lock & Safe™ - A BBB Accredited Business & Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program.
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